Personal Insurance

There are many options to protect  your assets and lifestyle. Having personal insurance can give you peace of mind if you have the right cover. However, you may not be getting the right protection or you may be paying too much if you get the wrong advice.

Kinds of Insurance

Personal insurance can protect you in many ways in different circumstances. Depending on your circumstances the following kinds of insurance may be of value to you:

Life Insurance

A lump sum paid to your family in the event of your death.

Health Insurance

Allows you to get the best medical treatment when you need it.

Trauma and Disability Insurance

Provides a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with a serious disease or become affected with a disability.

Mortgage Income Protection

Makes sure your mortgage keeps getting paid even if you lose your job.


Covers you in event of accident.

Insurance Providers

Loans Lab works with these insurance companies:

Sovereign, Onepath. Fidelity Life, AIA, NIB, Accuro

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